Listing Directory

Listing Directory

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The QAI listing mark displayed on a product provides assurances that a listing program including listing and follow-up service is in effect. Quality Auditing Institute (QAI), founded in 1994, is an independent third party listing organization serving industry, government, and individuals.

The materials, products, or systems listed in this directory have been qualified to bear the QAI mark under the conditions stated with each Listing.


Our listing directory contains all Listings in effect for materials, products, and systems qualified by Quality Auditing Institute (QAI). New listings, revisions and withdrawals are updated on a continuous basis.

Products listed in this directory have been qualified to display the QAI Mark and are deemed to comply with the noted QAI Listing and Labelling Program. The Listing applies only to the specific make and model designations that are qualified to show the Listing Mark.

The Listing Mark appears on the product or on the smallest unit container in which the product is contained if it is not appropriate to apply a legible marking to the product itself due to size, shape, material or surface texture. It is directly and permanently applied to the product by stamping, moulding, ink-stamping, silk screening, labelling, tagging or similar processes.

Listing Format

Listings in this book include the following minimum information:

  • Registered name and location of the Listee
  • QAI Listing No.
  • Product Identification
  • Recognized standards and requirements

Listing and Follow-up Process

Basic elements of a listing and marking program are as follows:

  • Initial application and discussion with the Listee, review of scope and details of the type, size, rating, etc. of the product to be listed
  • Determination of standards and other requirements, including acceptance criteria
  • Execution of the QAI Listing Agreement
  • Initial evaluation, which may include factory inspection and sampling during manufacturing of the sample to be qualified
  • Arrangement of testing program and facilities as necessary
  • Production by QAI of the Factory Audit Manual which provides the basis for the QAI follow-up inspection service, defines the responsibilities of the Listee, and defines elements of the factory audit that serve as a spot check for QAI to ascertain that the Listee is in compliance with the requirements
  • On-going listing and marking service based on regular, unannounced follow-up auditing procedures to assist the Listee in determining continued compliance with the requirements. This includes corrective action procedures in the event of improperly marked products.

No warrantee is expressed or implied, and no guarantee is provided that any jurisdictional authority will accept the Listing found herein. The appropriate authorities should be contacted regarding the acceptability of any given Listing.

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