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  Class: Concrete Forms  
  Customer: Bautex Systems, LLC  

5602 Central Texas Drive, San Marcos, Texas, USA 78666


Listing No.: B1075-1
  Effective Date: October 6, 2014  
Last Revised: No Revisions to Date
  Expires: N/A  


“Standard Test Methods for Fire Tests of Building Construction and Materials”

UL 263

“Fire Tests of Building Construction and Materials”

NFPA 251

“Standard Methods of Fire Tests of Building Construction and Materials”


“Fire Endurance Tests of Building Construction and Materials”

  Product: Product is marked with labels supplied by Bautex Systems, LLC.  The label includes the manufacturer’s name, trademark, or other recognized symbol of identification, the product model, QR Code (identifying the date of manufacture), QAI logo with the ‘US’ and “C” identifier, and QAI Listing Number (B1075-1).  Labels are applied to palletized finished products to ensure visibility on the jobsite.    

The following outlines Bautex BB616-10 Concrete Form Block test results determined in accordance with the noted standards.

QAI Design B1075-1 - Bautex Systems, LLC – Bautex BB616-10 Blocks

CAN/ULC S101 / ASTM E119

4 HR Load Bearing Fire-Resistance-Rated Wall Assemblyi

1 Composite Insulated
Certified Manufacturer Bautex Systems, LLC
  Certified Product Name: BB616-10
  General: Composite Insulating Concrete Form made from cementitious material and engineered expanded polystyrene (EPS).
  Length: 32 inch
  Height: 16 inch
  Width: 10 inch
  Cores: 6 inch diameter cores spaced 16 inches on center vertically and horizontally.  The blocks have a center vertical full core and a half core around the perimeter to create one side of a form for the concrete post and beam tube structure.
2 Foam Adhesive Blocks are adhered together using a ICF Foam Adhesive
3 Concrete Cores Concrete must have at least 20 MPa (2,900 psi) compressive strength concrete complying with the applicable code for wall assemblies.
4 Reinforcement Optional.  If reinforcement is used the deformed steel bars must comply with Section of ACI 318-05.ii

iThe allowable load for Bautex Systems, LLC Composite Insulated Concrete Form Load Bearing Fire-Resistance-Rated Construction is to be determined by a registered design professional, or authority having jurisdiction in accordance with the applicable codes. iiSizing and spacing of reinforcement is to be determined by a registered design professional, or authority having jurisdiction in accordance with the applicable codes.
  Note: Final acceptance of the product in the intended application is to be determined by the authority having jurisdiction. 

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