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  Class: Portable Luminiaires  
  Customer: Kendal Lighting (BC) Inc.  
  Location: #110, 6780 Dennett Place, Delta, BC, V4G 1N4  
  Listing No.: E10390  
  Project No.: E10390-1301  
  Effective Date: April 5, 2013  
  Last Revised: N/A  
  Expires: N/A  
  Standards: CSA C22.2 No. 12-1982 - Portable Luminaires
UL 153 - Portable Electric Luminaires
  Product: Portable Luminaires, Indoor use, cord connected.  

Products are marked in a permanent manner with the following: Manufacturer’s Name, Trademark or other recognized symbol of identification; Model Designation; Month and Year of Manufacture; Rated Input Voltage; Frequency; Amperes or Volt-Amperes Input; QAI logo with the “c” and “us” identifiers; QAI File Number E10390; and the wording “CSA C22.2 No 12 – 1982 & UL 153 12th Edition.”

Relamping labels indicate the lamp type and maximum wattage.

Warning markings as required in all required national languages.

  Models: PTL OR FL OR TC

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