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  Class: Non-metallic outlet box  
  Customer: SOBO Lighting  
  Location: 110-11511 Bridgeport Road, Richmond, BC, Canada, V6X 1T4  
  Listing No.: E10393-1401 Edition 3  
  Effective Date: July 10, 2014  
  Last Revised: September 10, 2015  
  Expires: N/A  
Products: Non-metallic outlet box
  Standards: CSA C22.2 No. 18.2         -  Non-metallic outlet box  

Model #





250V or less

Single gang outlet box

Dry Location


250V or less

Double gang outlet box

Dry Location


250V or less

Triple gang outlet box

Dry Location


250V or less

4-gang outlet box

Dry Location


250V or less

4” Round box

Dry Location

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  Note: Acceptance of the product in the final installation is subject to inspection by the authority having jurisdiction. Must be installed in accordance with the Canadian Electrical Code and any provincial or local requirements.

For indoor use only.

Not intended to support a ceiling fan.

For use with non-metallic sheathed cable sized 18 AWG to 10 AWG.
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