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  Class: Cedar Shakes & Shingles  
  Customer: Teal Cedar Products Ltd  
  Location: Surrey, British Columbia  
  Listing No.: H102  
  Effective Date: April 25, 2004  
  Last Revised: N/A  
  Expires: N/A  
  Standards: Impact Resistance of Prepared Roof Covering Materials UL - 2218  
  Product: Western Red Cedar Shakes  
  Markings: Each Cedar roofing product will be individually labelled with the Class of impact resistance, Year of Manufacture, Manufacturers name, Product type, Quality Auditing Institute logo with the ‘us’ identifier, UL 2218.  

24 x ¾ Handsplit and Resawn Shakes – Class 4

24 x ½ Handsplit and Resawn Shakes – Class 3
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