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  Class: Modular Homes  
  Customer: True Sound Pac Systems Mfg. Ltd. dba Click Modular  
  Location: Gibsons, British Columbia  
  Listing No.: REC609-1  
  Effective Date: March 26, 2013  
  Last Revised: N/A  
  Expires: N/A  

CSA A277 “Procedure for Factory Certification of Buildings”

BC Building Code (Part 9 and 10)

BC Plumbing Code

National Building Code of Canada (Part 9)

National Plumbing Code of Canada 

Alberta Building Code (Part 9)

CSA C22.1 “Canadian Electrical Code, Part I, Safety Standard for Electrical Installations”

Note: Standards above as amended by British Columbia and Alberta. Jurisdictions may require homes to comply with Provincial/Municipal codes in lieu of the national building and plumbing codes. 

  Product: Factory Constructed Modular Homes  

All markings must be permanent and visible after installation.   

The QAI label (item 1067, black with gold, 3-1/2” diameter) is normally located in close proximity to the electrical panel.  

The specification nameplate (item 1066, white with black, 8-1/2” x 11”) is located in close proximity to the electrical panel and includes:

-          manufacturer’s name and address

-          model and serial numbers

-          fuel type

-          complete electrical rating

-          year of manufacture

-          appliances and equipment that are factory installed

-          additional markings as may be required

-          ground and design snow load

-          thermal resistance of insulation and design heat loss

The QAI label and specification nameplate are available from QAI and must be applied at the factory.


The scope of buildings covered by this Listing include: 

Homes are:                Modular homes comprised of single or multiple modules in single storey or up to a maximum of 3 storey configurations. These structures are classified under Group C occupancy for single dwelling units having a building area not exceeding 600m2.

Structural:                  Conventional wood frame construction 

Electrical Rating:         120/240 VAC, 60Hz, 200A max 

Heating/Ventilation:     Electrical Baseboard Heaters or Central Forced Air Furnaces. Units are electric.  Systems may be equipped with air conditioning. 

Plumbing:                   Conventional drainage and vent systems to a maximum of 240 hydraulic fixture units.  

These modular structures are residential dwellings manufactured at a central facility and transported to the dwelling site.  These units, when completely assembled on site, are equipped with normal facilities for connection to municipal water, sewage and electrical services.  QAI certification covers the construction of the structure and any factory installed plumbing and electrical services, and is intended to obviate the necessity of further inspection by the local regulatory authorities except for site connections to services or to other modules and for site mounting features.

Note: This report does not include commercial/industrial units, apartment buildings, hotels, motels, or detention facilities. 

Homes are built to conform to CSA standard A277, National Building Code of Canada, and/or Provincial or Municipal Building Codes. 

Interconnection of modules, completion of structural systems and connection to services must be finished on site as specified in the electrical and building permits and are subject to inspection by the local authorities having jurisdiction.   

Products shall be installed in accordance with the local code of the authority having jurisdiction. 
  The materials, products or systems listed in this directory have been qualified to bear the QAI Listing Mark under the conditions stated with each Listing. Only those products bearing the QAI Listing Mark are considered to be listed by QAI.

No warrantee is expressed or implied, and no guarantee is provided that any jurisdictional authority will accept the Listing found herein. The appropriate authorities should be contacted regarding the acceptability of any given Listing.

Questions regarding this listing may be directed to Please include the listing number in the request.


Copyright QAI Laboratories, 2013