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QAI provides a complete array of ISO 17025 accredited testing services to support manufacturers – from full-scale assemblies to small-sized materials and properties. Our in-house capabilities include full-service laboratories offering testing for fire resistance,flammability, structural strength, weathering and durability, material properties, plumbing, electrical and a wide range of other tests. We also offer field testing and on-site testing at your location.
Some of the tests we run include:

Fire Testing

  • Flammability and Fire Resistance, small and large-scale
  • Ignition, burn rate, smoke density, radiant panel, toxicity, combustibility, weight loss

Fire Door Testing

  • Fire Door Testing: (UL 10(c), UBC 7-2 (1997) Part 1, NFPA 252 and ASTM E2074-00, Standard Method of Fire Tests of Door Assemblies (Positive Pressure)

Electrical Safety

  • Compliance to UL and CSA standards. Our broad scope of accreditation covers approvals to many recognized Standards in many different industries.


  • Fixtures, Fittings, PVC Pipe and Fittings, Toilets, PEX Tubing, Showers


  • Transverse/Wind Load, Racking Shear, Axial Compression, Impact


  • Flexural, Tension, Compression, Water Absorption, Water Vapor Permeance, Linear Expansion, Chemical, Corrosion and Fungi Resistance
  • Insulation Testing – Spray Foam, Mineral Fiber, Fiberglass, Loose-Fill, Cellulose – Block, Batt, Blanket, Pipe & Board – ICC-ES AC377, AC12, ASTM C665, C612, C726, C547, C592, CAN/ULC-S702, S703, S704, S705, S712
  • Thermal Properties – R-value, Long Term Thermal Resistance (thin slicing), K-Factor, U-Value – ASTM C518, ASTM C1303, CAN/ULC-S770
  • Railing Testing – NBC and all provincial building codes, IBC , IBC, ICC AC 273/ 174, ASTM E935

Environmental & Durability

  • Salt Spray, UV, Xenon / Carbon Arc, Humidity, Aging, Freeze-Thaw, Vapor / Air Permeance
  • Water Penetration Resistance

Fenestration (Windows & Doors)

  • Air, water, structural testing of windows and doors (North American Fenestration Standard 101/I.S.
  • 2/NAFS-2 (CSA A440), as well as other ASTM, AAMA and CGSB standards
  • EnergyStar thermal ratings and BC Energy Efficiency act programs to CSA A440.2

EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility)

  • Testing of Wireless and Non-Wireless
  • FCC, IC, CE and the International Market

Our team of qualified service reps will help you evaluate your manufacturing plant to assure quality and conformity. Our inspection services include:

  • Fire Doors Field Labeling (NFPA 80, NFPA 252)
  • Third-Party Quality Control Factory Audits (ISO 17020, ICC-ES AC10)
  • Field-installed Roofing and Building Envelope
  • Factory-built Housing and Recreational Vehicles
  • Electrical Special Inspection
  • Building Products Inspections
  • Roof Inspection
  • Windows & Doors Inspections
  • Roofing Products
  • FEE Field Electrical Evaluations for the US market

Support Services

Our team can help navigate through all the hurdles of meeting the Codes. Support service options we offer include:

  • Identifying code requirements or test standards for your product
  • Test Plan/Criteria development
  • Quality Documentation preparation
  • Professional Engineer sealed evaluation reports
  • Code Agency submittal packages
  • Communication with Engineers, Architects, and Code Authorities

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